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Asphalt Roofs

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A.H. Davis Asphalt Roof

One reason asphalt roof shingles are so well liked is because they are known for their durability: They are resistant to sunlight and weather, perform well on steep-sloped roofs, require minimal maintenance (if any) and are one of the most reasonably priced roofing options. Roofers find asphalt roof shingles easy to work with because they are easily cut, fastened and fit; in addition, they work well with many different flashing and edging products.

Don’t want to be limited to shingles that are just the old gray or black? No problem. Today’s asphalt roof shingles offer a plethora of aesthetic options, coming in a variety of colors and textures including resembling wood or slate.

Asphalt Roof B4
Before: worn asphalt roof
Asphalt Roof cAfter
After: new asphalt roof

About Asphalt Roofs

There are two ways to work with asphalt roof shingles: Roofers can remove all existing shingles and start from scratch, or they can put a second layer of asphalt roof shingles over the existing layer. Our experts can determine which process is best suited for your building.

With Pennsylvania’s sometimes harsh weather, you want to make sure your asphalt roof shingles are put on the correct way. Rain or melting snow can penetrate the area around the nails, especially if the shingles were not installed properly, and lead to expensive damage. Therefore, it is important to choose a roofer who can lay asphalt roof shingles in such a way as to prevent damage to your home or building; if moisture gets under the roof, it can harm or even destroy your walls, flooring and attic insulation. Our experienced team can layer over or replace your roof in a timely, professional manner, while at the same time making sure your structure is protected.

In addition, asphalt roof shingles are made to offer high levels of fire and wind resistance, based on nationally recognized standards. Isn’t it nice to know that your roof can withstand such elements should it be faced with them?

We do have our preferred brands that we work with for asphalt roof shingles, but we can work with nearly any roofing product.


We do asphalt roof work on both commercial and residential buildings, and on both new and existing structures. As such, we work with homeowners, builders and general contractors to make sure the roofs are installed correctly and will add to the aesthetic and structural value of a building.

Our experts can also help you determine which grade of asphalt roof shingles are right for you. Different grades have different life spans, but asphalt roof shingles typically last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. Of course, weather will play a significant role in how long they hold up, but our professional installation will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your asphalt roof shingles for as long as possible.

At A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., we are fully licensed and insured – and ready to tackle your asphalt roof needs.

A.H. Davis & Son, Inc. would like to offer you a FREE ESTIMATE to show you what experienced roofers can do for you and your asphalt roofing project.

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