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Cedar Roofs

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Cedar Roof

A cedar roof can make a stunning top to your home and with proper maintenance can last up to 60 years. A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., has over 82 years of experience in three Pennsylvania counties—Chester, Montgomery and Delaware—and can make your cedar roof look amazing.

There is a wide variety of shakes and shingles that comprise a cedar roof. The durability of your roof and how long it will last is dependent on what type of shake your roof is composed of. The rule of thumb is that the thicker the shake, the longer the roof will last. The same holds true for whether the shake is handsplit or tapersawn. Chemical pre-treatments can also lengthen the life of your cedar roof.

Before: worn cedar roof.
Before: worn cedar roof.
After: New cedar roof installed by A. H. Davis and Son, Inc.
After: New cedar roof installed by A. H. Davis and Son, Inc.

About Cedar Roofs

Cedar roofs have been around since the early days of North American colonization. They offer warmth, charm, and durability, as well as fantastic insulation properties. Sometimes, historic roofs need repair or restoration, and we are the perfect company for the job. Our third-generation company is family-owned and -operated, and our fully licensed and insured experts provide professional, courteous and reliable service. Isn’t it nice to know that your roofing company has been in the area for so long and knows the best ways to handle roofs for our climate?

Depending on the look you are going for, you can either get rough or smooth shingles. Want a look that is more on the rustic side? Then you want rough shingles, sometimes called shake. Smoother shingles give a cedar roof a more polished appearance.

Although a cedar roof is more flammable than other type of roofing materials, some people actually prefer this. If, unfortunately, a fire starts inside your home or building, it will easily burn through the roof. The benefit of this is that it will not trap the flames or the carbon dioxide that is produced in a fire. A non-flammable roof will contain the flames and gas, and may cause more damage to the building’s contents and occupants.


We not only offer cedar roof installation, but we can also repair them should yours have a problem. We will work with you to determine whether your cedar roof needs to be repaired or replaced, and regardless of which path you choose, we can assure you that you will be happy with the result.

The experts at A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., know your home is your proudest possession, and a cedar roof can be the crowning jewel upon it. We are a certified CertainTeed Quality Master and Select Shingle Roofer.

A.H. Davis & Son, Inc. would like to offer you a FREE ESTIMATE to show you what experienced roofers can do for you and your cedar roofing project.

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