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Copper Roofs

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Copper Roof

Copper roofs, once mostly found on industrial and business structures, are becoming more and more popular on homes. The experts at A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., who serve Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties, are the most knowledgeable roofers around when it comes to a copper roof.

Although a copper roof may be a bit more expensive than a traditional roof to install, it is well worth the investment. As copper weathers over time, it oxidizes and goes through a process known as patina – which turns your roof from the base copper color to a gorgeous shade of green, similar to a jade color.

Copper Roof by A.H. Davis
Copper Roof by A.H. Davis
Copper Roof by A.H. Davis
Copper Roof by A.H. Davis

About Copper Roofs

You may have heard that a copper roof sounds louder than other roofing structures when rain hits it. This is simply not true. Nor does it attract lightning more than other types of roofs.

And the benefits of a copper roof are numerous. Insects and rodents do not like a copper roof, and thus will not be tempted to munch on your roof or take up residence there. And neither mold nor mildew will grow on a copper roof, which is not always the case with other types of roofing materials. Moss is also discouraged from growing on a copper roof.

With Pennsylvania’s wintery weather, sometimes a buildup of snow will cause a roof to collapse. With a copper roof, you are far more protected because snow slides easily off of it. And though our state isn’t typically in the path of a hurricane, it is comforting to know that copper roofs in Florida, where hurricanes are prevalent, often survive the harsh conditions a storm can bring.

Concerned about the environment and its demise? Here is another reason to consider a copper roof. About 75 percent of a copper roof is made from recycled copper. You can’t get much more environmentally friendly than that. And because a copper roof will last a lifetime, there will not be a need to replace it.

Worried about maintaining a copper roof? Don’t be! A mixture of lemon juice, salt and white vinegar is all you need to clean it – and you can find those right in your kitchen! How much easier could it be? Of course, you will want to use a brush that can reach the roof, because a copper roof can be slippery, and therefore dangerous.

In ancient times, a copper roof could be found on many homes, and that trend is coming back today because of the material’s durability and sustainability. In fact, one of the oldest copper roofs in the country can be found in Philadelphia, on a church built in 1787. You can also find a copper roof on many historic homes, not just commercial buildings.


Our experts are very familiar with installing a copper roof and will work with you to decide whether this type of covering is right for your home or commercial building. In most cases, a copper roof can be installed directly over an existing roof, which means we will not have to do any demolition work.

A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., has been serving our community for over 70 years, and we’d like to show you what we can do. We are a certified CertainTeed Quality Master and Select Shingle Roofer; we are also licensed and insured.

A.H. Davis & Son, Inc. would like to offer you a FREE ESTIMATE to show you what experienced roofers can do for you and your copper roofing project.

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