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Cedar Siding

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cedar siding

Cedar siding has been used on homes for hundreds of years. At A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., we know which types can be found locally and will hold up best in the three counties we service: Chester, Montgomery and Delaware.

Various options are available for cedar siding, such as rustic or colonial, and it can be installed horizontally or vertically. Horizontal options include clapboard, shingles and shakes, and vertical options such as board and batten are just a few of the choices available.

Cedar Siding before
Before: Peeling and tattered siding
Cedar Siding After
After: New siding being installed by A.H. Davis

About Cedar Siding

Once you decide on what style of wood siding you want to go with, it’s next time to choose what type of wood you want to use. Some popular types include cedar and fern. Our experts know what will work best with Pennsylvania’s ever-changing climate conditions and can help you decide what type is best for your structure.

Depending on the type of you look you want to achieve, the wood siding can also be painted or stained. With over 70 years in the business, our professionals can help you figure out which option will complement your home or building best.

Wood siding can increase the property value of your home or building, as well as add a natural element. Due to the millions of tiny hollow fibers within the wood, wood siding can also help insulate your home; it can save you money on your energy bills by keeping your home warmer during the cold winters and keeping cool air in during the summer. With energy costs currently so high, this may offer a major cost savings.

Although cedar siding does require maintenance, it can look beautiful and is resilient for years to come if you are diligent about painting and staining it every few years. No matter which type of wood siding you go with, it should be painted roughly every five years and treated or stained every three years to get the maximum life out of it.

Are you conscious of the environment? Another benefit of wood siding is that it is available locally in many regions, is biodegradable and is fairly low in embodied energy. Plus, old-growth trees make recycled or salvaged materials viable green options. And when it does come time to replace it, it can be recycled.


Though our workmanship is excellent, once in a great while siding does need to be repaired. This can be due to severe weather or myriad other factors. Another benefit to cedar siding is that it can be repaired easily, and individual sections of it can be replaced if necessary.

We have experience in siding new homes and buildings. If you have existing siding, it is important to hire a company that knows the best way to remove it so that the new material goes over it without a problem. Our background makes us uniquely qualified to accomplish this and have your home or building looking terrific.

A.H. Davis & Son, Inc., is third-generation, family-owned and -operated and a certified CertainTeed Quality Master and Select Shingle Roofer. If you have existing siding, it is important to hire a company that knows the best way to remove it so that the new material can be installed properly.

A.H. Davis & Son, Inc. would like to offer you a FREE ESTIMATE to show you why you deserve cedar siding installation from the experts.

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